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A new health concept

Our centre

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We are a health centre dedicated to taking care of and looking after your needs. We have a team of professionals who specialise in different areas of healthcare and work together to achieve your recovery and full fitness as quickly as possible, respecting your mechanisms. We work together to ensure optimal health for you.

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Professionals at your service

Our team

Our priority is for you to learn to know and understand what is happening to you and what your mind and body need, and we will advise and accompany you to help with this.

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Goretti Font Mas
Goretti Font Mas

Physiotherapist lic. no. 10953 specialising in urogynaecological and obstetric physiotherapy.

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GMG Xavier Núñez
Xavier Núñez

Physiotherapist lic. no. 12408 specialising in sports physiotherapy and traumatology, invasive techniques and ultrasound.

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GMG Oriol Colomer
Oriol Colomer

Physiotherapist lic. no. 14246 specialising in therapeutic exercise and trauma physiotherapy.

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GMG Laura Guardiola
Laura Guardiola

Physiotherapist lic. no. 11724. Specialised in psychoneuroimmunology and the temporomandibular joint. Master’s in Osteopathy.

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GMG Maria Tejedor
Maria Tejedor

Physiotherapist lic. no. 13879 Trained in the hypopressive technique by Low Pressure Fitness.

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foto equip
Espe Moro
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foto equip
Rosa Gómez
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Mutual benefit associations and insurance companies


We work with various mutual benefit associations and insurance companies to provide an optimal quality service to our patients in the Traumatology, Neurosurgery, Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation services:


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Contact us through Whatsapp or send us an email to info@gabinetmedic.com.

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